You Can’t Always Control the Situation But You CAN Control How You React to It.  That Reaction Has the Power to Completely Change Both the Situation, and the Outcome.

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail. Don't be the Next Victim.

Sweat in Training... Don't Bleed in Combat.

In a Deadly Encounter There are Only Two Places...

First Place and First Loser.

Which One Will You Be?

Learn the Self Protection Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Elite Personal Protection Specialists use to Protect Royalty, Presidents, Ambassadors, High-Profile CEO’s and A-List Hollywood Celebrities

Despite What You May Have Heard, Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect.  Practice Makes Permanent.  To Achieve Your Personal Best, You Must Train with a Perfectionist and Practice Perfectly.

Without the Proper Training, You are Destined to be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time and Do the Wrong Things. In Order to Survive and Win, You Need to be in the Right Place at the Right Time and do the Right Things.  

Prepare Yourself for an Emergency Situation with one of our Self Protection Courses!

All Students:

  • Must Complete and Sign a Waiver Prior to Beginning Any Course of Instruction With Selfpro.
  • Must Have a Current State or Federally Issued Photo Identification Card.
  • Must Be a Resident of this State or a United States Citizen.
  • Must not be Under Indictment for a Felony Offense.
  • Must not be convicted of a Felony Offense, unless the Conviction has been Expunged, Set Aside, Vacated or Pardoned, or the Individual’s Right to Possess Firearms has been restored AND the Individual Must Not be a Prohibited Possessor under State or Federal Law.
  • Must Not Suffer from Mental Illness and/or have been Adjudicated Mentally Incompetent or Committed to a Mental Institution.
  • Must not be Unlawfully Present in the United States.
  • ​If You Were discharged from the United States Armed Forces it must Not have been under a Bad Conduct, Other Than Honorable, or Dishonorable Discharge.

Safety Policies

  • No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted during Any Course of Instruction. Persons Demonstrating Impairment to Any Degree by Alcohol or Any Other Substance, Prescribed or Otherwise, Will Not be Allowed to Train and Will be Immediately Dismissed.
  • Persons Believed, by an Instructor, to be Ill or Mentally Distracted to the Point of Being a Safety Concern or a Disruption to Training Will be directed to leave the Facility.
  • Any Person Directed to Leave the Facility by any Selfpro Instructor Shall Leave Immediately.
  • Live Ammunition Will Not be brought into the Classroom for Any Reason.
Refund Policy:

Customer agrees to pay for training according to SelfPro published prices current on the day of registering. If payment is not received in full, a required deposit amount of half of the total price is required at the time of registration. All remaining payments must be paid in full before training commences on the day of training.

Prerequisite Requirements:

SelfPro reserves the right to refuse or limit any services for training if a customer fails to satisfy the requirements for a training course as published or provided to a customer by SelfPro prior to the start of the course.

Good Conduct:

SelfPro reserves the right to refuse, limit or cancel training if a customer has displayed unreasonable behavior or is deemed, in the opinion of the Chief Instructor, to be violent, abusive or disruptive.


All courses are transferable, but not refundable. If a customer chooses to reschedule a course, it must be done at least three days prior to the scheduled course. If the customer reschedules more than once, a $25.00 fee per course will be incurred for each occurrence.


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