Despite What You May Have Heard, Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect.

Practice Makes Permanent.

To Achieve Your Personal Best, Train with a Perfectionist and Practice Perfectly.

Without the Proper Training, You are Destined to be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time and Do the Wrong Things.

In Order to Survive and Win, You Need to Train to be in the Right Place at the Right Time and do the Right Things.  

You Can’t Always Control the Situation But You CAN Control How You React to It.  That Reaction Has the Power to Completely Change Both the Situation, and the Outcome.

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail.

Don't be the Next Victim.

Sweat in Training... Don't Bleed in Combat.

In a Deadly Encounter There are Only Two Places...

First Place and First Loser.

Which One Will You Be?

Learn the Self Protection Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Elite Personal Protection Specialists use to Protect Royalty, Presidents, Ambassadors, High-Profile CEO’s and A-List Hollywood Celebrities

Prepare Yourself for an Emergency Situation with one of our Self Protection Courses!

Our Founder and Chief Instructor is a Service-Disabled Combat Veteran and Former Navy Chief Petty Officer with Over 20 years of Honorable, Active Duty Service. His Unique Career Path gave him an Extensive Background in High-Risk Operations, Threat Mitigation, Navy Special Operations, Special Programs and High-Threat Personal Protection Operations.  During his Very Unique Career, Chief Hamm has Trained and Operated with Specialized Units from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nepal. He was Decorated a Total of 26 Times and has been Deployed all over the World in the Defense of Our Nation; from Teaching Combat Skills in the Humid Jungles of Southeast Asia, to Diving the Murky Waters of the Persian Gulf Looking for Enemy Underwater Mines during Operation: DESERT STORM. He's Negotiated Deep Blue Crevasse Fields in the Sub-Zero Temperatures of Antarctica During Operation: DEEP FREEZE and Conducted High-Altitude Freefall Parachuting Operations from “Perfectly Good Aircraft.” Chief Hamm Lived the Motto of his Highly Specialized Unit, “No Sky Too High… No Sea Too Deep.”

Chief Hamm Has Served as a Rescue Swimmer, Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, Team Leader for the Navy’s Only Special Tactical Area Response (STAR) Team, and has Trained and Operated with the FBI, ATF, DEA, DIA, CIA and INTERPOL. He’s Been Assigned to the US Secret Service for President Reagan as a "Surgical Shooter" on the Counter Assault Team and as an Explosives Expert and Advance Agent for President Clinton’s Detail. He was Awarded his First Decoration for Heroism and Valor After designing a First-of-its-Kind Method for Insertion & Extraction and Successfully Testing it in Combat. As a Senior Instructor for US Navy Special Operations, he's had the Privilege of Directing, Managing and Supervising the Training of every Branch of the US Military. While on Active Duty, He Professionally Instructed Advanced Parachute and Helicopter Insertion & Extraction Operations, Small Unit Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Advanced Explosive Operations Including Underwater Demolitions, Mixed-Gas-Closed-Circuit Diving, Anti and Counter-Terrorism Operations, Urban and Rural Warfare, Land and Underwater Navigation and many other Techniques, Tactics and Procedures.

After Honorably Retiring from the Navy, Chief Hamm was Actively Employed as a Professional Hollywood Stuntman, Actor, Model, Technical Advisor, Commercial Diver, Air Show Performer and Skydiving Instructor. He was Highlighted in the Show, “Best Kept Secrets of the Military,” and was a Featured Stuntman for UPN’s, “I Dare You, The Ultimate Challenge.” His Professional Expertise and Assistance were Formally Acknowledged in the book, “Demo Details.” He Later Returned to Providing High Threat Protection and Became a Highly Acclaimed “Bodyguard to the Stars” for Several A-List Hollywood Celebrities, a Television Evangelist, the President of United Paramount Network, two World-Renowned Television Producers and their families and Several Other Clients that, in the Interest  of Safety, Will Remain Unnamed as they are Still Being Protected Against Active Threats.

In 2004, Chief Hamm was Hand-Picked by the US Department of State and Approved by the White House for the Position of Agent in Charge, and later, Detail Leader for the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Following that, he was Hired by Kelly McCann, the CEO of Team-Crucible LLC, and Frequent Tactical Analyst for FOX News.  Kelly Immediately sent Gary to Afghanistan where he took Charge of the Protection of a Brigadier General the Taliban were trying to Kill. His Success and Professionalism with the Detail led to his being Promoted to Director of the Security Management Center for all Crucible Operations Throughout Afghanistan.

Upon his Return to the United States, Gary found himself Traveling from Coast to Coast; Teaching Tactics to Federal Agents and Specialized Military Units at the Crucible facility on the East Coast, then Returning to Hollywood to Provide High-Threat Personal Protection Services for Jerry Bruckheimer's Number-One TV Show, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Gary Continued to Provide Close Personal Protection to the Cast and Special Guest Stars Until the Series Finally Wrapped in 2015 After a Very Successful 15 Year Run.

Shortly after, Gary Decided to Leave the Operational Side of the House and Return to His First Love…Instructing. He Founded SelfPro to Fill his Need to Protect Others. He Continues to Push Himself and His Team to Provide the Very Best in Professional, Qualified, Specialized, Down-to-Earth, High Quality Instruction to Law Abiding Private Citizens, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and the United States Military

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety Firearms Instructor
  • California Department of Justice Firearms Instructor
  • FBI Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Firearms Instructor
  • US Navy EOD Instructor
  • US Navy Small Arms Instructor
  • US Navy Combat Skills Instructor
  • US Navy Counter-Terrorism Instructor
  • US Navy Anti-Terrorism Instructor
  • USPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor
  • USPA Tandem Parachute Instructor
  • USPA Skydiving Coach
  • FBI Rappel/Fastrope Master
  • FBI Sniper/Marksmanship
  • FBI Semi-Automatic Combat Pistol
  • Department of State High Threat Protective Security Operations
  • Crucible High Risk Environment Operations
  • Executive Protection Institute
  • Bill Scott Raceway Security Driver Training
  • Bobby Ore Motorsports Motion Picture Stunt Driving School
  • US Navy Anti-Terrorist Instructor
  • Defense Nuclear Agency Advanced Nuclear Weapons
  • US Navy Instructor Development
  • US Navy Jumpmaster
  • US Navy HRST Master
  • US Navy Castmaster
  • Special Operations Parachute Rigging
  • US Army Airborne
  • US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • MK-16 Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  • US Navy Basic Explosive Demolitions and Techniques
  • US Navy Second Class Diver
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator
  • US Antarctic Research Program Snowcraft Survival
  • FAA Senior Parachute Rigger
  • US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipment
  • US Navy Pilot Rescue and Associated Water Survival
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • FAA Private Pilot ASEL